Hail Repair

Hail repair is our core business at TDN Group, with our team of highly trained hail technicians and our comprehensive global partnerships we can offer hail repair services worldwide.

Whether you are an Insurance company, bodyshop, dealership or an individual we can offer you a solution that will satisfy all of your needs.

TDN Group can cover all logistical aspects needed for your repairs, we have a team of trained professionals who will prepare the vehicles for our technicians and then for delivery to ensure the process runs smoothly and your vehicles are fully repaired within the time frame specified, leaving our technicians to concentrate on what they do best, PDR. We can supply technicians in teams or individually to your sites, TDN Group can also arrange for working units which can cover an area for up to 50 technicians to work under which include pre-delivery inspection bays.

Whatever the damage, we look at the big picture and work with you to ensure you vehicles are repaired in the most cost, time and quality effective way.

  • TDN Group will work with you to keep the cost of the repairs minimal, with our excellent operational skills saving our technicians time & effort which in turn will give you a more efficient & cost effective service.
  • We have a broad network of technicians all over Europe & the world.
  • We have a management team who can offer daily reports and updated schedules.
  • As well as management we have team leaders in the 3 stages of the operation (locating & prep / PDR repair / Inspection & delivery) making sure the vehicle is repaired in the fastest possible time.
  • We have certified trustworthy staff and a controlled method of quotation so you will be happy to leave your customers with us.