Paintless Dent Removal

PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal, it is regarded as an art throughout the automotive industry and takes an enormous amount of skill to perform. It has been used and developed over decades during the car production process. Special tools are used to access the dent from behind to massage the panel back to its original form without damaging the paint. In areas where using this technique is not possible, for example the roof rails, a specialised glue system is used to ‘pull’ the dent out. The use of a reflective light source, such as an LED lamp, is used by the technician to pinpoint the location of their tool on the backside of the panel in order to manipulate the metal back to its original factory finish state.

Some dents may often be too severe to be repaired fully with PDR. In these cases, it may be possible to repair the to a level sufficient enough to be painted. The benefit of this process is that there is little or no need to use filler in the repair process. This process is usually carried out in conjunction with a body shop.

If PDR is carried out by a certified technician the results are incredible, the repair will be seemingly invisible with a lifetime guarantee. There are only a handful of companies that offer this service and even fewer that can delivery it to the highest standard.

At TDN Group Ltd we only offer the highest quality repairs. In order to do this we have a fully dedicated repair centre which includes a customer waiting room with complementary drinks and wifi. Not only do we offer a drop in service for customers at the repair centre, but we also offer a mobile service. This can be done by scheduling one of our certified technicians to carry out the repair of your vehicle at your convenience, whether it be at your home or at your work place.